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Interested in learning more about our video services for your business? Contact us to see samples of our work.

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Use Video To Market Your Business, delivering a consistent message to your potential customers.
Consider using video for:
    – your corporate profile
    – customer testimonials
    – consistent branding
    – educational content

Video Biz Card – $399

You get:
    – a custom URL for your video biz card
    – drive traffic to your video biz card with a custom jpg player thumbnail to embed in emails
    – market your video biz card offline too with a custom qr code
    – see how well your video is being viewed with our monthly statistics
    – first year of hosting ($120 value)
    – 4 changes per year ($50 each after that)

Interview Style Video – $349

Usually two to three minutes long. You give viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look at the passion you have for your business. You share why you chose to do this, What makes you different than the competition, why they should choose to work with you. We cut between you being on camera and supporting video footage of your business (B-Roll) with a continuous and uninterrupted audio track. Can also contain light music below your dialog.

30 Second Commercial – $249

Consider asking your viewers a compelling question, one that triggers a pain point for them. You then address that pain point with your products and services. We demonstrate your credibility and credentials. Finally, you tell the viewer how to take the next step and enjoy the benefits of working with you. When this video is ranked to appear near the top of search engine results, most people are more inclined to click on the video thumbnail than on the top ranking text-only search results. This is a very powerful tool to draw new prospects to your business.

Intro Bumper – $199

Only four to seven seconds long, this short video clip goes at the beginning of all your other videos. It establishes a consistent brand for all your videos and sets the tone for the content your viewer is about to enjoy. May contain a voice over, but should always have music that fits the tone and pace of your business brand.

Exit Bumper – $199

Typically five to twelve seconds long, this short video clip appears at the end of all your other videos. It reminds viewers about the consistent branding of the intro bumper and offers a strong call to action. Usually a voice over with an appropriate music track below, and usually the same music in the intro bumper.

Video Title Bar – $99

Appearing on the lower third of the screen, the title bar overlays the video. Your business logo, contact information, color scheme, and brand remain in front of the viewer throughout the video. This provides a professional and consistent feel to your video. It also offers a location on the screen to place important information that you want your viewer to notice.


[tab title=”BUNDLES”]
Combine Video Products – and save over $100 on each of the bundles below!

Business Builder Package – $495

This lethal combination provides your business with the marketing one-two punch it needs. Two videos give your business twice the visibility and exposure.

    – the interview style video ($349 value)
    – the 30 second commercial ($249 value)


Bumpers and Title Bar Package – $395

With these three tools in your marketing arsenal, all of your videos have the consistent branding your business deserves. Even your short cell phone selfie videos look more professional when wrapped in the bumpers and titled.

    – Intro Bumper ($199 value)
    – Exit Bumper ($199 value)
    – the title bar ($99 value)


Kick up your video marketing to the next level. We offer these additional video services so your business really shines and gets noticed.

Script Writing – $75 each video

Improve the quality of your video by letting us help you craft your message.

Ranking Video On 1st Page of Search Engines – $199 each video

Put your video in front of potential customers that are searching for your product or service. People are more likely to click on a video thumbnail than a text-only search result.